Friday, August 17, 2018

Aug 20-25 (Week 12) & Cedar All-Comers Recap

The season and school year are in full swing now.  We had a good first week of school getting used to the new schedule, hotter temps, and a little racing.  This week we will see an increase in minutes and some big pushes to get us moving in the right direction.

Purpose of the week's workouts - We continue with the SWEP phase this week.  Our focus is long runs with some tempo, easy runs with some steady state and strong finishes, and 3K pace intervals.

Here's our schedule for the week - 
Monday: 5:30a at the HS for Levels 2,3,4.  We will be doing our long run.  If Level 1's want to come and get their long run in for the week that is okay.  Afternoon practice on Mondays will always be a team meeting in the lecture hall at the HS followed by a short run.  Required for everyone.  We will be registering for SUU - you must know if you are attending the race Saturday or not.
Tuesday: Morning practice: 6:15a weights and short recovery run. Required for Levels 2,3,4 and optional for Level 1.  Afternoon we will meet as a team at PVHS at 3:00p for our run.  Required for everyone.
Wednesday: Morning practice: 6:15a.  Required for Levels 3,4 and optional for Level 2.  Afternoon practice at 3:00p. Required for everyone.  We will carpool over to the Dirt Mile for this workout.
Thursday: Morning practice: 6:15a weights and short recovery run. Required for Levels 2,3,4 and optional for Level 1.  Afternoon practice at 3:00p. Required for everyone.
Friday: Morning practice: 6:15a.  Required for Level 4 and optional for Levels 2,3.  Afternoon practice at 3:00p. Required for everyone.
Saturday: RACE - SUU Invite:  Bus is LEAVING the HS at 6:30a.  Race schedule: Var. Girls 8:00a, Var. Boys 8:30, JV Girls 9:15, JV Boys 10:00, awards 10:45.  You must ride the bus with the team to race. Athletes may ride home with their parent AFTER ALL OUR TEAM IS DONE RACING and checking out with the Coaches.

Weekly minutes can be found here.  Remember, Final Surge is a requirement for racing.  If you haven't set up and account yet, go back to the post from earlier in the summer and get your account created and notify Coach of the email you used.  An invitation to join the team will be sent to you, and when you accept that, your workouts will be added to you and you can update everything you need.

YOUNGSTERS - Regular practice schedule will be Mondays and Thursdays at 3:00p at the HS.
Info and Risk Statement can be found here.  This must be complete to participate.
Run-a-Thon and Fundraiser - The Run-a-Thon will be Aug 31-Sept 1 for those that can attend.  Any sponsors that want a sign, must be turned in by Monday!  About the SPONSORS: please remember that no personal checks are accepted, when you turn money into the finance office at the HS just tell them your name and that the money is your XC sponsor.  Then bring the receipt to Coach Holt and tell him where you want to use the money.

Week 10 Athletes of the Week -
Tough at Practice - Emma Ward, So.  All summer, Emma has displayed the physical and mental toughness that PVXC is built upon.  Awesome example Emma!
Team Builder - Yrene Heinze, Sr.  Nay Nay has one of the most positive and influential attitudes on the team.  Whenever you need to be uplifted, take a minute and talk to her!
Performance - Nathan Beitler, Sr.  Nate has had two strong runs to start the season.  At the time trial, Nathan set a school record.  Then at the Desert Relays, he won the Leg 1 bowling pin.  Very strong start to the race season, great job Nathan!

Cedar All-Comers Recap - Cedar All-Comers is a good judge of early season fitness as well as a benchmark for comparison to overall improvement throughout the race season since we race it again toward the end of the regular season.  We had a few Youngsters that came up and race, and they all did a great job.  In the girls' race, PV got out very strong through the first lap and was looking very good.  In the 2nd and 3rd miles, an excellent DH team closed those gaps and moved up a lot to take the victory.  Jessica and Alli took 3rd and 4th after leading much of the race.  Rylee also placed in the top 10.  Sylvia and Gracie rounded out our scoring in 14th and 15th.  On the boys' side, Nathan and Julien also placed 3rd and 4th.  From there the scoring may have gotten a little mixed up at the finish line, but our finishers of Scottie, Mikey, and Cooper were able to secure a team win in close fashion or very close fashion depending what was the correct placement.  The JV boys also saw a lot of great racing.  It was a good start to the regular season.  We challenge everyone to remember the purpose of early season racing: to learn and grow.  And then each of you need to be able to identify some areas of strength to continue and some areas of weakness that you can work on.

Thought of the Week: "If you no longer go for a gap which exists, you are no longer a racing driver." - Ayrton Senna
This is a quote by a famous F1 race car driver.  And although we aren't racing cars, the idea is very pertinent to us as runners.  After the race, Coach Roberts talked about The Gap and how he has been our biggest competition and enemy.  So we found this quote that fits really well with what is going to become our biggest goal.  So as we practice this week, as we race, remember if you aren't closing the gap and gaining/catching people, you really aren't racing - you are just out for a run.  This week... KILL THE GAP!


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