Sunday, October 21, 2018

Oct. 22 - 27 (Week 21)

An awesome day to be a Panther.  Thanks for all the support from family and friends.  And thanks for all the hard work from all our PVXC'ers.  Like many things in life, it wasn't perfect, but it was pretty dang close.  Some of our very best races individually, and definitely our best team races took place at State.  It's a testament to a selfless and caring team that put others above themselves.

Purpose of the week's workouts - This week we will be back to some good minutes and workouts.  We will be working in a long run and some hill stuff, and also some pace work.  Our goal: get ready for Nike!
for all morning runs (long, normal, short), you MUST be wearing white or bright
even in the cooler temps with sweats and jackets, your outer layer MUST be white or bright

Here's our schedule for the week - 
Monday: 6:15a at the HS for Levels 2,3,4.  This week, we will be running a normal Wed, Fri morning distance on Monday as well (so 20-25mins).  Afternoon practice on Monday this week will a long run.  Practice starts at 3:00p.  Required for everyone.
Tuesday: Morning practice: 6:15a weights and a short recovery run. Required for Levels 2,3,4 (optional for 1).   Afternoon practice at 3:00p.  Required for everyone.  
Wednesday: 6:15a at the HS for Levels 3,4 (No Fresh or Sophies).  Afternoon practice at 3:00p.  Required for everyone.
Thursday: Morning practice: 6:15a weights and a short recovery run. Required for Levels 2,3,4 (optional for 1).   Afternoon practice at 3:00p.  Required for everyone.  
Friday: 6:15a at the HS for Level 4 (No Fresh - optional for 1, 2 and 3).  Afternoon practice at 3:00p.  Required for everyone.  
Saturday: Group long run for those that can attend, otherwise run on own.

State Recap - Can't complain when both teams set new school records for team time!  It was a great State meet for the Panthers.  The girls started us out very well.  We knew we had a big battle on our hands to take down a top 10 ranked DH team and would have to run our very best.  Well, we did run our very best and even led for nearly 2 miles, but we fell just a little short, but it was a race every Panther can be proud of.  Alli ran well with the front group, until eventual champion Anna Martin from Lehi pulled away as she eventually set an all-time Utah state record.  Alli continued to dig and pushed through for a new school record of 18:13.8 and a 4th place finish.  Despite feeling the effects of a some illness, Jessica, pushed strong in the front of the pack and ran to a strong 7th place finish.  Rylee also ran very well (her best race of the year) to finish 2nd Team All-State in 12th place.  Gracie, Pyper, and Sylvia dug deep and finished in the 27th, 29th, and 31st scoring positions; they were followed by Addi's 40th place finish which displaced all but 2 teams' scorers.  We are all very proud of this group.  Our Seniors (Rylee, Sylvia, and Addi) have all had an affect on this team that cannot be measured.  Thank your for your commitment, leadership, and love of this team.  You ladies are the best!  We are proud that you are able to hold your heads up high and say you were on the best teams ever in PV history.

                                 Team            Name             Overall   Yr     Time   Scoring
1.741Alli Baker4So18:13.84
2.744Jessica Hill7Jr18:33.87
3.743Rylee Holt12Sr19:06.711
4.742Gracie Clements28So19:39.227
5.746Pyper Holt30So19:42.129
6.745Sylvia Brown32Sr19:44.631
7.740Addi Baker43Sr20:10.040
1.Desert Hills HS5, 6, 13, 15, 16, (18), (36)55
2.Pine View HS4, 7, 11, 27, 29, (31), (40)78
3.Ogden HS10, 14, 22, 23, 33, (64), (71)102
4.Mountain View HS2, 19, 24, 35, 44, (53), (57)124
5.Cedar HS8, 28, 30, 43, 45, (46), (55)154
6.Hurricane HS12, 20, 50, 60, 70, (82), (90)212
7.Ridgeline HS17, 21, 54, 67, 68, (79), (81)227
8.Stansbury HS41, 42, 48, 58, 65, (73), (75)254
9.Bear River HS26, 32, 52, 66, 78, (87), (96)254
10.Park City HS25, 37, 51, 61, 84, (98)258
11.Lehi HS1, 9, 76, 91, 103, (110)280
12.Green Canyon HS39, 47, 62, 69, 80, (101), (108)297
13.Spanish Fork HS34, 59, 72, 86, 89, (92), (95)340
14.Bonneville HS38, 49, 74, 97, 104, (106), (109)362
15.Sky View HS3, 83, 88, 93, 99, (100), (105)366
16.Uintah HS56, 63, 77, 85, 94, (102), (107)375

The guys then picked up on ladies' momentum and ran a tremendous race.  A large pack of 9-10 guys was in the lead including Nathan and Julien.  Then a very big swarm of guys followed which included all our scorers.  For nearly two miles, the race stayed this way with a solid consistent pace.  Then at just over 2 miles, the lead pack fractured and Nathan and Julien found themselves at the front of the race with two others.  Nathan led, then Julien took over.  For the final 600 meters, Julien developed a slight lead and was able to push to victory becoming our 4th ever PV individual champion in our 2nd fastest time ever at 15:42.2.  Nathan was not far behind, placing 4th in a time only 4 PVXC'ers have ever beaten at 15:51.1.  It was a tremendous start for us, but we weren't finished.  Scottie came in strong at 15th (13th scoring), followed by Cooper in 21st (earning a 3rd Team All-State), and Mikey not far behind in 24th.  And Luke and Bostons' places displaced every teams' 5th runner.  Like the ladies, our Senior boys have so much to be proud of.  Last spring we had serious discussions about what this team could do and the hard work it would take to do it.  And these Srs. really stepped up to lead the team and bring it together in winning a state title, recording our best state time in school history, and tying the largest margin of victory (at 66 points) of any team in any division since at least 1997.

1.736Julien Canales1Sr15:42.21
2.733Nathan Beitler4Sr15:51.14
3.735Scottie Bushar15So16:13.313
4.738Cooper Despain21Sr16:21.419
5.739Michael Abegglen24Sr16:26.422
6.737Luke Huddleston53Jr16:51.848
7.734Boston Horspool54So16:52.249
1.Pine View HS1, 4, 13, 19, 22, (48), (49)59
2.Canyon View HS2, 18, 21, 31, 53, (63), (71)125
3.Mountain View HS11, 16, 28, 35, 51, (66), (72)141
4.Stansbury HS3, 20, 32, 36, 52, (86), (87)143
5.Hurricane HS6, 9, 15, 54, 70, (76), (97)154
6.Desert Hills HS8, 25, 27, 55, 57, (59), (79)172
7.Orem HS10, 14, 43, 45, 60, (62), (64)172
8.Bonneville HS5, 12, 23, 68, 108, (110), (112)216
9.Ridgeline HS34, 37, 39, 40, 69, (81), (107)219
10.Salem Hills HS30, 33, 41, 50, 89, (96), (100)243
11.Spanish Fork HS7, 38, 58, 61, 88, (90), (99)252
12.Ogden HS26, 42, 67, 78, 80, (82), (101)293
13.Park City HS46, 47, 65, 73, 75, (93), (105)306
14.Logan HS17, 44, 83, 85, 98, (102), (103)327
15.Green Canyon HS24, 56, 77, 84, 91, (92), (95)332
16.Bear River HS29, 74, 94, 104, 106, (109), (111)407

And also, if you haven't paid your $25 for State hotels, please do.

Phoenix - The second payment for the Nike trip will be $100.  The payment will be due on Nov. 1st.  We do have a few spots left.

Weekly minutes can be found here.  Although we have finished our "official" minutes for the season, please keep using Final Surge and keep track of your runs.  Tracking your runs, shoe mileage, eating, heart rate, etc. can be a very helpful tool to your progress.

Week 18 Athletes of the Week - 
Tough at Practice - Ashlee, Jr.  Ashlee has dealt with injuries clear back since last season, but she has been determined to come back and push herself and her team.
Team Builder - Jenessa, Jr.  Throughout the season, Jenessa's great attitude and personality has helped bring the team together.
Performance - Jessica, Jr. Region Champ! That's kind of a big deal.  Great job Jess.

Thought of the Week: "The journey is never ending.  There's always going to be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do what's right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment."
-Antonio Brown
One of the things we hear most often after State is, "You guys are still running?  Don't you ever take time off?" Well... no! State, or Region, or whatever, is just part of the journey of running and of life.  We'll take some down time from running eventually (in December), but the journey really is never ending.  In running and life, you're either growing and improving or you're not (and you decide what that means).  So no, we don't take time off now; we continue to grow and improve toward the next target.

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